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Our Core Strengths

Our competitive advantages revolve around 4 core principles as described below:

Quality of Asset Manager:

We are highly selective in the investment opportunities we represent. We utilize an institutional due diligence process to narrow the broad universe of managers. It is our objective to partner with funds that have clearly defined investment processes and risk controls, solid pedigrees within their investment team, and strong historical performance. Ultimately, the reputation of a consulting firm like ours is based on the quality of the fund managers it represents.

​Team’s Experience:
Our team has over 100-year of experience in investment banking and financial services, and our founder in particular, has spent 14-years covering the Hedge Fund industry globally.

​Quality of Management Team:
Our goal is to have in depth product knowledge of the alternative investment products we represent and be able to articulate the investment processes as well as our managers.

​Strong Knowledge of the Institutional Marketplace:
Our management team has conducted business with a vast number of Asian and Middle Eastern institutional investors and institutional consulting firms during their careers. In addition, significant relationships exist at a senior level throughout the investor spectrum.

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